“Laura Kelly’s suggestions strengthened my book. Her insight into the writing craft proved to be solidly on the mark. Best of all, the story was still mine when we finished.” Maggie Toussaint, author of No Second Chance



“Laura Kelly took my book and lovingly polished it until it shone.  I’d been concerned I might not recognise my ‘baby’ by the time we were through, but I needn’t have worried.  It was still mine – only better.  Laura merely trimmed what I now realise was ‘excess fat’ and kept my ‘voice.’” 
 Hywela Lyn, author of Starquest, and Children of the Mist



Our Clients

First of all, a big thank you goes out to our clients, past and present, who graciously voted Laura Kelly the best book editor at Preditors & Editors three years in a row.  If not for you, we here at LKES wouldn’t have the best job in the world.  Our multi-talented clients to date have included authors in the following areas: spirituality, memoir, contemporary romance, mystery and suspense, romantic suspense, vintage romance, regency romance, paranormal, fantasy, erotic romance, literary fiction, timeslip fiction, women’s fiction, international thrillers, a user’s manual for a camera, a program manual for addiction recovery, Christian psychology, relationship self-help, and women’s health and wellness.


Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly has been writing and editing for over twenty-six years, and has been an editor with The Wild Rose Press for nearly eight years.  Many of the titles she’s edited for TWRP have received Five-Star reviews. Laura loves the editing process, loves to teach, loves to help other authors achieve their dreams.  She is also published under a pseudonym, and knows how to approach the process of editing from the perspective of both an editor and a writer. She’s worked mostly in contemporary romance, mystery, suspense, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, western romance, and women’s fiction, but has also edited thrillers, fantasy, and vintage romance.  Her special interests include women’s health and wellness, spiritual/inspirational stories, psychology/self-help books, and narrative non-fiction.  She’s especially drawn to books that deal with the issues involved in growth and change, and stories with an underlying message and emotional depth.


Vicky Reed

Vicky Reed became an editor because the editorial process fascinates her. She compares editing to diamond cutting. Each pass reveals more of the latent beauty inherent in a piece. Vicky has been editing for a number of years, and is published under a pseudonym. She works mostly in women’s fiction, but she’s also strongly drawn to science fiction and fantasy, and non-fiction that reads like fiction—memoir, biography, narrative non-fiction—that explores topics of concern to women.


Jodi Henley, Developmental Editor

Jodi Henley is a developmental editor based in the Greater Seattle area.  A long-time workshop presenter on the popular social media site savvyauthors.com and other on-line venues, Jodi is highly sought after for her plain-English approach to problem solving. A long-time blogger, her blog is a popular reference for writers in genres from literary fiction to romance. Jodi spends her free time dissecting the craft of writing and considers herself lucky to have a receptive audience. 

Workshops she has developed include:

Showing the Transformational Character Arc: A Practical Hands-on Guide to What, Why, and How

Practical Emotional Structure: Finding Common Ground with the Transformational Arc and Your Reader

Your Story, Your Way: Advanced Alternatives to Goal, Motivation and Conflict  

Subplots the Easy Way: Using Story Filters

If you would like to attend one of these workshops, or invite Jodi to present one of these workshops to your writing group or organization, please contact Laura Kelly for registration information, scheduling for your group, and price information.

Jodi also offers one-on-one story structure consultations through Laura Kelly Editorial Services.  For scheduling and pricing information, contact Laura Kelly.


Nan Swanson, Editing and Formatting

Nan Swanson has been editing ever since her eighth grade classmates insisted she check their weekly essays so they’d get better grades.  Determined to be a high school English teacher, she majored in English in college (with French and history minors) and did graduate work in Irish drama and poetry, along with a dozen years of teaching a variety of subjects, including English.  She has lived and worked in various parts of the U.S. and Germany, and has traveled either in person or vicariously to many more areas of the world, but has never lost the desire to help others write well.  Nan is particularly fond of historical and vintage fiction.  In the last few years she has added formatting skills to her repertoire, in the belief that a well-written book should also be well presented.  She loves to edit and format, and we’re glad to have her on our team.


Keena Tomko, Editor and POV Expert

Keena Tomko was born with a pen in hand and a story already in mind. She’s written web content, news stories, articles for consumer magazines, and four romance novels under a pseudonym. She’s also a ghostwriter, specializing in blogs and reports for several nationally known life coaches. Editing developed organically out of this passion, as other writers discovered her knack for uncovering structural and viewpoint weaknesses in a story. She’s edited young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, chick lit, children s fiction, historical fiction, religious fiction, religious non-fiction, humor, and self-help books, but her first love is always romance.


To contact us, send an email to Laura Kelly.  We look forward to hearing from you!